Monday, November 19, 2007
Psychic Challenge? Hmmph.
Boo! First Zenobia is totally unfairly scored last week just so they can keep that drama queen creepy poseur chick, and now Joe loses to Pound of Lipstick Mouth Fake Ass 'Native American' Last Name Overly Processed Blond Chick?


Oh well, at least now Joe will have time to come over and hang out and braid my hair. Total potential BFF material.

That's right, I love this show. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. Even if it's being totally unfair lately. Hmmph.
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Friday, November 16, 2007
It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp...Er, Writer
Especially when you have so much to say.

And really, you can say it so very well.

But nobody will listen.

Ev'ry so often we long to steal
To the land of what-might-have-been
But that doesn't soften the ache we feel
When reality sets back in

Sing it, El.
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Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Um, THANKS, Nip/Tuck, for completely tainting the lovely ethereal memories of my ONE 'sex in a hot tub' experience. Why don't you just go ahead and poo all over puppies and unicorns and rainbows, while you're at it?
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Musings and Meme #2
I ain't lying, dudez. This strike has got a girl feeling down. I know it's hard on everyone, but do you know which group I feel the most for? Yep, the group I'm part of: the ones who haven't even made a footstep towards the sacred door of WGA admittance, despite the years of talent and hard work behind the journey.

This is NOT TO DISCOUNT the efforts and dedication of everyone out there, from the writers who just got their first jobs and now have to deal with this, or the wildly successful people who have ALREADY MADE IT and still haven't forgotten that truth and loyalty and fighting the fight are worth more than their millions...or at least thousands. This doesn't even discount the writers who DON'T support the strike, because of worry over taking care of themselves and their families. I understand everyone's point of view. It's a hell of a position to be in. The lovely Miss Kay Reindl recently did an entry on the pain that being a writer brings, always there with every success, and you should give it a read, here. And plus now I won't have to write an entry with that theme, since she said it so well.

Anyway, back to me, all about me. And all of you out there who are still trying to break in, and how these Dark Days make something almost impossible under the best of circumstances seem even further away. It's disheartening. But the one thing that perks me up is getting to meet you writers, all of you wonderful crazy people out there who I can only know on the Internet for now, since I'm nowhere near L.A. yet, and can't experience the balm of talking to you in the picket lines. I bet it helps a lot, those connections. But all I can do now is do what every writer ends up doing no matter what: returning to the keyboard and trying to make a connection.

And so, enough with the ruminating and on with the meme-ing. The first meme worked so well to bring so many writers together, that I want to continue that. And I DID promise 5 'Inspiration Memes' geared towards helping writing motivation and deepening the relationships between us lonely scribes, so continue we shall.

If you missed the first one (man was that fun) then please review this entry for the details on why it all started. And it's never too late to do the meme, if you think it will make you happy in any way.

And you may want to review this follow up entry on how the first meme went so well.

(By the way, since green is my main color scheme, I made my links that color. But do they blend in too much with the black text? Please let me know if they're hard to see and if I need to change the color or underline or something. Many thanks.)

Okay, seriously now, the meme. Inspiration Meme #2: Trailer Trash.

Have you ever seen a trailer for a movie and walked into a theater expecting something completely different than what you got? Or been completely misled by the blurb in TV Guide or the ads shown for your upcoming favorite TV show. (Gilmore Girls was notorious for that.) Or, has a trailer been so perfectly suited for a movie that it drew you in right away? Has a blurb/logline/episode summary/whateva you call it in your genre been RIGHT ON?

Well, here's the idea behind Trailer Trash.

1. Post 3 consecutive pages of any script you choose that you've written. It can be a completed project, something you're still working on, a movie, spec pilot, spec episode, long as it's 3 consecutive pages. You must tell the title if it's an existing TV show. If it's a movie or spec pilot, revealing the title is up to you.

2. Tag 5 peeps to do the same.

3. Follow the meme around (it can be the people you tagged, the person who tagged you, someone's you stumbled upon) and after reading the pages, come up with a logline/episode summary you think fits and post it beneath the entry. Try to do this for at least 5 people.

4. After your own meme has gotten enough guesses, post the REAL summary/logline and see who got the closest.

This is a lot of fun. We get to experience each other's writing, maybe learn if we're going in a weird direction, and best of all, get new ideas. You'll be astounded at how helpful people's 'wrong guesses' are...they can break you out of a rut, solve a script problem you've been having, or give you a completely new idea you'll be all fired up to work on. It'll be fun. Really.

Oh, and no whining that this sounds complicated. There was a lot of that in the last meme, and everyone did a brilliant job, so save it, writers. You ain't fooling anyone with that dumb act. Now, go find those 3 pages...and then start the guessing game.

My 3 pages will be posted below this entry. (Don't blame me if Blogger screws up the format. Yup...format definitely screwed.) Have fun and I can't wait to read and guess!

(Oh yeah, I tag Patrick, Lisa, Kay, Julie, and MaryAn to start this one.)

3 pages from a spec episode of Ugly Betty, chosen at random:

Eh, it was because he’s the drama teacher’s pet. Just like you're Miss Landry’s.

(smiling) I’m not her pet.

Whatever. It’s disgusting. She’d probably marry you if she wouldn’t be thrown in jail and have her life made into some crappy Lifetime movie.

Lifetime movies are NOT crappy!

Whatever. She looooves you.

It’s exhausting, being your Henry Higgins.

Someone has to do it. How’s the song going?

Okay. I got in some practice time while you were eating dinner.

I promised your mom I’d get a video of you. Too bad your dad can’t see it.

My dad only told me twice in my entire life that he was proud of me. Once when I stuck up for my mom and got into a fight at school, and once when he found out I’d be the lead in West Side Story.

My mom’s never said she’s proud of me. Nobody’s ever said that to me. Oh well. If it took two decent parents to turn out okay, this world would be way more screwed up than it already is. I assume you don’t have a date for the dance?

I don’t have time for romantic entanglements. My art is my life.

Good. Then you can take me.

That wasn’t part of the deal.

I don’t care. You’re going to sing anyway, and there’s no way the Queen can come unescorted. And I’ll be with the best dressed man there. Besides, the queen gets first choice in picking her dancing partner after she’s crowned and you better be there for me.

Fine. I’m too tired to fight.

I like that in a man.

So what does your room look like? Black paint and chains?

If you laugh I’ll kill you.

Too tired to laugh.

Unicorns. It’s a unicorn theme. They’re everywhere.

Now I’ve heard everything.

The legends of unicorns are fascinating. Never has a more powerful or beautiful creature ever existed. Did you know it’s impossible for even the mightiest hunter to capture a unicorn? They can’t be taken by force. Only a beautiful maiden--that means virgin--can catch a unicorn. A beautiful maiden sits alone in a field, and a unicorn will come right up to her and lay its head in her lap. Isn’t that beautiful?

Well, maybe you’ll catch a unicorn at the dance.

(snickering) Jennifer couldn’t, if you know what I mean.

What? (stunned out of his exhaustion) No way! Already?

Yep. I think it’s sad. It’s always about sex now. In eighties movies, it’s almost always about the first kiss. That was the ultimate. Maybe that’s why I love those movies so much. I want my first kiss to be like that...with somebody sweet, in the moonlight. Perfect.

Why Serendipity, you’re becoming almost human. Stop it. It’s making me uncomfortable.

(laughs) Tell me a secret.


It seems like a good secret-telling moment.

You go first.

Okay. My biggest secret is...I’m afraid my mother really doesn’t love me.

I’m afraid nobody except my mother will ever really love me.

Well, we make a fine pair, don’t we?

Yeah, we totally suck.
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Sunday, November 11, 2007
Effect Of WGA Strike On Disney/ABC Fellowship
Hi everyone! I'm way behind on my blogging and comment replying (so sorry, been away from the 'Net) but I found something I know a lot of you have been looking for so here's the 411 (or whatever the cool way is of saying that these days.)

Over the last few weeks, I've seen dozen of visitors coming to both this and my personal site through search terms having to do with the effect of the strike on the Holy Grail of Fellowships. I just found some info. a few minutes ago, thanks to Beckyloo of If A TV Falls In The Woods.' The entry is here. She's also promised to keep us updated with further 411.

Thanks for the info, Beckyloo, and CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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Tuesday, November 6, 2007
Too Perfect:

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Writing Gooder 'N Stuff
A few years ago, I developed basic writing exercises to help my students grasp the crucial elements. I used them for all my classes, everything from literature to creative writing. A while back, I tweaked the exercises a bit to fit an article on professional blogging, here. I was and still am humbled and honored by how many writing sites quoted things from the article as being helpful, and even did things like sponsor contests based on it, like the one here. Cool!

I'm posting the lessons/exercises here because this is the week of writing inspiration, after all. I decided NOT to make this a meme, since it's so long, but if you have the cajones or are struggling with one of the elements, give the exercises a try. The best one is probably the color exercise under 'Detail'. It's the perfect way to kick your inner editor's ass and let your creative mind flow.

Even though this is geared toward 'blogging' it fits every kind of writing. And did you ever notice how similar TV writing is in a way to blogging? Other blogs are just a mouse click away. Other TV programs are just a remote click away. Wouldn't you rather people be watching YOUR program/reading YOUR script/book/poem/etc?

I'm not saying it's brilliant or anything, but a lot of people have benefited from the exercises, so go for it. The next one will be a meme, so watch out. And now: Writing Gooder. (And be sure to tell us about any writing tips you have!)

Writing Gooder

Do you have dreams of striking it rich through blogging? Want to sell your own products, or make revenue off a company’s products? Want to be the king or queen of blogging networks, an online ad expert, an Internet force? Great. But before you can accomplish any of this, before you can even begin to have a hope of success, you must possess one crucial skill. And it has nothing to do with business savvy. It’s good writing.

As a blogger, writing is your main product. It’s the only way your reader or potential consumer has to know you and to gauge what you’re selling, whether it’s a physical product or simply your thoughts. Your writing is what a car is to the car sales person, what the colorful consoles and games are to Nintendo, what the rousing beat and catchy lyrics are to a musician. In blogging, your writing is you.

Unlike stories and novels, where the reader has the luxury of flipping through pages to get to the ‘good part,’ you must capture the reader’s attention immediately. Because something else is always a click away. There’s a reason they’re called ‘hyper links.’

I teach writing and literature courses at the university level, and regardless of the class, we always spend the first three weeks discussing the three crucial elements of all good writing. We don’t have three weeks here, of course, but we’ll cover the important highlights.

All good writing can be reduced to three essential parts:




The first element is diction. Diction is simply word choice. What could reveal more about you as a writer than the words you choose?

The biggest mistake writers make here is diluting their writing with unnecessary words, perhaps trying to sounds more ‘important’ or ‘intelligent.’ Don’t deaden your words that way. You want your writing to crackle with life and energy. One word is always better than two.

In his book On Writing, Stephen King addresses this wonderfully:

“One of the really bad things you can do to your writing is to dress up the vocabulary, looking for long words because you’re maybe a little bit ashamed of your short ones. This is like dressing up a household pet in evening clothes. The pet is embarrassed and the person who committed this act of premeditated cuteness should be even more embarrassed.

“Make yourself a solemn promise right now that you’ll never use “emolument” when you mean “tip” and you’ll never say John stopped long enough to perform an act of excretion when you mean John stopped long enough to take a s***. If you believe “take a s***” would be considered offensive or inappropriate for your audience, feel free to say John stopped long enough to move his bowels . . . I’m not trying to get you to talk dirty, only plain and direct.

“Remember that the basic rule of vocabulary is use the first word that comes to your mind, if it is appropriate and colorful. If you hesitate and cogitate, you will come up with another word — of course you will, there’s always another word — but it probably won’t be as good as your first one, or as close to what you really mean.”

Writers’ sentences are often full of unnecessary, clunky words. Our lexicon is full of overdone expressions like “9pm at night,” “very unique,” “in my opinion,” and so on. Take a look at these two sentences and their revisions:

“In the border closer to the image, there is a crease which runs through the border about one inch..” Ug. Instead, how about “Closer to the image, a one-inch crease runs through the border.”

“One of the important chapters of the book that I find interesting is the one about the language of chimpanzees,” can be streamlined to “The important chapter on chimpanzee language interests me.” Which would you rather read?

As a teacher, I like to give assignments. So if diction is a problem for you, try this: A popular writing genre is ‘short shorts’ in which a writer writes a complete story in less than 300 words. That means you have characters, a setting, a beginning, middle, and end, and conflict…all in less than a page of writing.

An example: ( Daydream by Roberta Allen)

“My half sister is shrieking in the front seat of the car while her husband–a gambler like our father–races through the mountains at top speed. This trip feels like a roller-coaster ride. My half sister’s husband can’t wait to reach Las Vegas and lose his wife’s money. Their son and daughter hold each other tight in the backseat where i sit too. My half sister’s daughter–older than me!–is also shrieking. i keep my nose pressed against the window glass. I am not afraid.”

You learn so much in such a short space. You can practice this with fiction or non-fiction. There’s no better exercise to force you to choose the ‘best word.’

The next must-have is detail.

Detail makes the difference between boring and terrific writing. It’s the difference between a pencil sketch and a lush oil painting. As a writer, words are your paint. Use all the colors.

All detail is rooted in the five sense, as these are the only way we can possibly experience the world. The five senses are sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. Can you guess which one is the most overused?

Yup: sight. Even the worst writing will describe what something looks like. One sense is missing in more than 90% of writing: smell. Which is unfortunate, as smell is the sense most closely tied to memory, and the one that affects us most strongly. If you see a picture of an ex boyfriend or girlfriend, for example, memories will arise. But imagine how strongly you’ll be affected if you catch a whiff of the perfume or cologne they used to wear.

Oh come on, you may be thinking, I blog about car reviews. People just want the facts.

Yes. But would they rather get those facts in a dry, boring paragraph, or would they rather feel like they’re there with you in the car, the smell of new leather tickling their nostrils, the vibration of the engine beneath their feet, the butter-smooth leather against their fingertips? Guess which article would make the reader want to buy the car.

In her novel The Poisonwood Bible, Barbara Kingsolver is a master of sensory detail. Here is the first paragraph from her book:

“Imagine a ruin so strange it must never have happened. First, picture the forest. I want you to be its conscience, the eyes in the trees. The trees are columns of slick, brindled bark like muscular animals overgrown beyond all reason. Every space is filled with life: delicate, poisonous frogs war-painted like skeletons, clutched in copulation, secreting their precious eggs onto dripping leaves. Vines strangling their own kin in the everlasting wrestle for sunlight. The breathing of monkeys. A glide of snake belly on branch. A single-file army of ants biting a mammoth tree into uniform grains and hauling it down to the dark for their ravenous queen. And, in reply, a choir of seedlings arching their necks out of rotted tree stumps, sucking life out of death. This forest eats itself and lives forever.”

Beautiful and affecting, but even she forgot to include smell.

Here is the assignment I use to help my students improve their sense of detail. It forces you away from the hackneyed sense of sight, and to consider the senses most writers overlook:

Describe your favorite color to a blind person who has never seen it.

You obviously can’t explain what green ‘looks’ like. But how does it smell, what would it feel like, what sound does it make? This ends up being most of my students’ favorite assignment.

Now on to the dreaded, but necessary, evil: grammar. You must have expertise in this area or you will never be taken seriously as a writer. Grammar is the foundation your house of writing is built on, and without it, your structure will crumble.

Nothing is worse than being interested in a piece of writing, only to encounter bad grammar. Nothing pulls a reader out of the illusion faster than this lack of skill. It’s like seeing a beautiful woman across the room, only to have her smile at you and reveal rotting teeth. Ruins the effect, doesn’t it?

There are several blogs that contain interesting premises and original thought, but I can’t stand to read them because the writers have not bothered to perfect a basic grasp on language rules.

Now, typos and misspellings are not that big of a deal…spell checkers will pretty much catch those. (There may well be typos in this very article…but there’s a difference between making a minor mistake, and not knowing what you’re doing.)

The most common, and worst, errors are context errors. Basically, it’s using a wrong version of a word.

The most common is probably the infernal switching of ‘your’ and ‘you’re.’ If nothing else, please know the difference between these two. And of course, there’s their/there/they’re, it/it’s, accept/except, affect/effect, and many, many more main offenders. A great exercise is to practice sentences containing all variations of the word, to force your brain into seeing where each version belongs. For instance, to practice their/they’re/there: “Those dogs over ___are wagging ___tails. ___ cute.”

This is just the tip of the grammar iceberg, but as 85% of errors writers make here are context errors, it’s worth the time. It will be painful at first, but soon it will come naturally.

Here’s a maddening, yet fun exercise I use each semester. The following poem, if put through a spell checker, will come out as perfect with no errors. That’s because spell checkers don’t catch context errors. Take a look:

“I have a spelling checker -
It came with my PC
It plane lee marks four my revue
Miss steaks aye can knot sea

Eye ran this poem threw it,
Your sure reel glad two no.
Its vary polished in it’s weigh -
My checker tolled me sew.

A checker is a bless sing.
It freeze yew lodes of thyme.
It helps me awl stiles two reed,
And aides me when aye rime.

To rite with care is quite a feet
Of witch won should be proud.
And wee mussed dew the best wee can,
Sew flaws are knot aloud.

And now bee cause my spelling
Is checked with such grate flare,
Their are know faults with in my cite;
Of non eye am a wear.

Each frays come posed up on my screen
Eye trussed to be a joule.
The checker poured o’er every word
To cheque sum spelling rule.

That’s why aye brake in two averse
By righting wants too pleas.
Sow now ewe sea why aye dew prays
Such soft wear for pea seas!”

Read out loud, it makes sense. But it will twist your brain when you try to read it. For the ultimate exercise in overcoming context errors, rewrite this correctly.

This concludes our brief exercise in Writing Gooder.

Everyone can become a better writer, and it’s your most valuable asset as a blogger. Once you have the mad writing skillz, nothing will stand in your way of taking over the blogosphere.

Or Hollywood! Now what exercises do you find helpful?

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Monday, November 5, 2007
I Freaking LOVE This Movie. Why Don't You?
One of Emily's recent posts inspired me. Yet another mediocre movie is getting all sorts of overblown attention, perhaps generated in an attempt to glitter-coat the turd of mediocrity which is Hollywood's Biggest Plague right now.

Which led me to reflect upon the best movie of the year, and how I almost missed it because it played for a mere FOUR days in ONE town in an ENTIRE state. And I never saw one single ad.

No wonder so much brilliance is overlooked. I really hate Hollywood sometimes. Don't even get me STARTED on horror movies...damn Eli Roth you hack...okay...waiting for pulse to slow back down, breathing into paper bag...

Okay, I'm back. If you haven't seen Rocket Science yet, why the hell not? Don't you want to support great writing and directing and brilliant performances? (Especially that little Reese guy who is a tour de force in the main role of Hal. Kid's gotta hell of a future, even if he does spell his name weird.) If the writer doesn't win the Oscar this year, we can officially declare there to be No Justice in Hollywood. Which of course there isn't. It'll probably go to that crappy lion movie Emily talked about or one of the many 'war' movies whose false importance make me want to gag.

So here's a little something for you. The best movie of the year, along with my favorite new song of the year, all rolled up into one neat little video. I love the song's message. I love the movie's message. Oh my GOD when he got his pizza at the's those tiny moments than shine brighter than the biggest Hollywood special effect explosions.

Enjoy the video. Then go see the movie. Somehow.

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Incest and Gonorrhea
I knew that would get your attention. Writers are such pervs. And I know that for sure because somebody found this site today through the search term 'Celine Dion's boobs.' Well, I hope you found whatever you were seeking, lover of Celine's nekkid parts. Of course, it still beats the #1 search term that leads to my main blog: 'White Trash Whore.' Ah, well. Be proud of who you are. OWN IT.

So anyway, my meme did indeed spread like the Degrassi gonorrhea outbreak I had hoped for! It traveled well over 6,000 miles to several dozen peeps now infected. Antibiotics for all! It went to TV writers and screenwriters and other kinds of writers and people who just talk about writing, and...well, it's bouncing back all over the place, sometimes coming back two or three times to the same person, which if you will remember from the oh-so-special Degrassi oral sex in the ravine gonorrhea outbreak episode, is pretty much how an STD works. Huzzah!

I found so many great new blogs and a huge array of music that kept me up all night rocking out to You Tube selections (y'all have good taste.) So maybe I TECHNICALLY didn't get any script writing done that night, but as we all know, actually writing is the shortest time spent on the entire writing process. Most of it is letting things develop, and storing up INSPIRATION. You all inspired me; I hope you got some benefits too.

But damn, now I have to expand my blogroll.

As promised in the first meme entry, I am coming up with 5 exercises to kick our writing selves into gear during these dark days. At first I thought I wouldn't make them all memes, since some of them will seem more like 'work' than fooling around, but I'm going to do it anyway. I like annoying people in general, and the last one was such a riot, maybe we'll have the same kind of fun again. So the 5 for 5 Inspiration Memes will continue. Which is okay, because unlike the usual annoying random busy-work memes I usually hate, these actually serve a purpose, all explained in the first entry on the subject here. Don't make me repeat myself, homies.

So we covered the gonorrhea angle. As for the incest? Well, it was fascinating that no matter how far the meme spread, whether it be physical miles, personal styles, or various stages of writing success, it continually had a habit of circling back and reconnecting writer to writer like some sticky, extremely dense spider web. One writer never seems far from another, no matter how 'far' they may be in miles or styles. Which made me realize just how incestuous this delightful TV/Film/Writing world is.

Now I THINK incest is usually considered a bad thing, unless your brother is really hot, of course. I kid, people! I kid! Lord knows what sort of search terms that last bit will attract. But since incest is one of the few topics Degrassi hasn't covered yet, I can't form an opinion since of course, Degrassi is like, totally real. It GOES there.

But in this case of the writing world, incest seems best. Har. I mean, writing is such a horribly lonely undertaking that nobody would choose it on purpose...we need each other. Especially now. So let's ban together as closely as we can and do that. Make the nights a little less lonely, the pages a little less blank. In this case, more writing gonorrhea! More incest! MORE MEMES! Coming your way soon.
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Saturday, November 3, 2007
Don't Stop Believin'! Also, The Revenge of the Meme.
I know, I know. Strike, unsure, pissing contests, blahblah. The whole thing is enough to get a writer--the real ones who actually write and are fighting for more than a good table at whatever restaurant is trendy this month--depressed. And general life suckitude on top of it doesn't help. It's so easy to think, 'What's the point? They won't be reading it anyway, and when I can finally send out my work again, there will be such a surge I'll be lost and there's no use, my dreams are dead and--'

Stop right there. It's at the lowest times we need to write the most. Easy to say, hard to do. It's one of those writing lessons we forget no matter how many times we learn it, then we have to learn it all over again. So I say, eff it all. Let the real writers ban together and support each other by encouraging oh I don't know...writing. Yeah, sounds good.

I'm aiming for 5 days of inspirational exercises for all us writers to get us writing, or in the mood, or at the very least, recognizing a sense of community. Plus, I'm meme-ing your asses. Yeah, memes are annoying and give you yet another thing to do and plus the word 'meme' is beyond stupid I mean what does it even MEAN and generally I avoid them but to paraphrase a rather witty post by BooM, some days you just feel like doing something bitchy. Mwa-haha!

So, more and more I find myself turning to music to get me into the writing mood. The songs have to have a catchy melody and all that, but the lyrics are crucial for inspiration. I have to look at the lyrics while listening to the song for the inspiration thing to kick in. Whatever, it's just a thing I have. So here is your assignment for today, dear readers. Find a song that inspires you to write something, whether it gives you an idea for a script or just puts you into a better frame of mind. AND/OR (don't you love choices) peek into the lyrics and find a stanza that sums up the theme of whatever script you're working on. It's quite uncanny how the two circumstances go together.

If possible, post a video of the song to really get people into the mood. (Yep, I'm aware of the irony of using Internet clips during the pissing contest. I like irony as much as bitchiness.)

Then, send the assignment (by e-mail or posting to one of their blog entries) to 5 other writers to do. Inspire the world! Or just some random people from your blogroll, like me. Then pass it on like a gonorrhea outbreak on a Degrassi episode. Woohoo, TV rules!

Okay, so my song choice is "Don't Stop Believin' " by the fabu Journey. (On a side note, Journey may be the only band to sound as good live as they do on their recordings. I like Journey. Scratch that. I LOVE Journey. How could you not? I don't care how cool you claim your musical tastes to be; if you say you don't like dem shaggy-haired boys then you're either lying or you have no soul. Freak.

After enjoying this video, I came to this important conclusion: for true musical genius to emerge, the band must wear pants tight enough to clearly show the outline of their weenies. That's why every song after the 80s has sucked. I have figured out The Mystery. )

The video will be posted at the end of the entry. Please note the visible weenies. And here is a stanza from the song that EXACTLY sums up the theme of the spec pilot I'm working on:

Strangers waiting
Up and down the boulevard
Their shadows searching
In the night
Streetlights, people
Livin' just to find emotion
Hidin', somewhere in the night

Okay, your turn!

(My first 5 victims are Amanda, Emily, Shawna, BooM, and Maggie.) Pass it on!

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